Do any of these describe your dog?


·         Where arthritic joints or hip dysplasia cause soreness and discomfort to build up in other areas as your dog compensates by moving differently

·         Rehabilitation after trauma

·         Dog always pulling on the lead

·         Uneven muscle development

·         ‘Not quite moving right’

·         Preventative treatment – like an ‘MOT’

·         For Performance - dogs in hard work or sports-dogs

·         Sore back – signs of discomfort when being stroked on the back

·         Difficulty jumping in/out of the car

·         Difficulty jumping down stairs

·         Stiffness after exercise

·         Crying out when getting up

·         Recurrence of symptoms previously successfully treated by manipulation or massage

·         Always pulling on the lead and stiff neck?

·         Trauma or fall where alternative causes of pain have been ruled out by the vet


Because the spine of the dog is so flexible they usually respond exceptionally well to treatment.