When would McTimoney & Massage Benefit your Horse?


·         Performance/competition horses – to retain performance and as a preventative treatment (like a car MOT!)

·         Uneven muscle development

·         Problems standing for the farrier

·         Uneven wear of shoes

·         Relief of discomfort caused by compensating for Arthritic joints

·         Recurrence of symptoms successfully treated by manipulation or massage

·         Lameness after a fall or accident where alternative causes have been ruled out by your vet

·         Rehabilitation after acute trauma

·         In the absence of any resolution of the problems using conventional methods

·         If your animal’s lameness has been resolved but now there is a remaining secondary back issue caused by compensatory gait when he/she was lame

·         Maintenance of ongoing arthritis/spavins which are causing secondary back soreness

·         Poor foot balance which has caused gait anomalies


·         Sports Massage during or after a period of box rest to limit muscle atrophy and stiffness

·         To provide comfort for muscle injuries – increases circulation and provision of nutrients and Oxygen

·         Muscle tears – speed up recovery time for back to work

·         Where the range of motion of joints is restricted

·         Swinging leg lameness where the cause could be muscular imbalance



·         Uncharacteristic change in performance or behaviour

·         Uncharacteristic resistances when ridden

·         After a fall or major slip

·         Traumatic/rotational fall where fractures have been ruled out by your vet

·         Unlevelness, especially behind

·         Problems with canter and canter transitions –

o        Bucking into canter

o        Difficulty picking up one lead

o        Disunited canter

·         Problems with transitions

o        Downwards transitions (‘falling’ into downward transitions)

·         Asymmetry

·         Stiffness in one rein/difficulty flexing in one direction

·         Sore back from uneven saddle pressure or saddle slipping