Sports Massage

Sports massage is a highly effective therapy to address the soft tissues. When used in conjunction with McTimoney techniques it is especially effective to give a whole body treatment.


Sports Massage concentrates on muscles that are not functioning correctly. If part of a muscle has gone into spasm, this interferes with its range of motion and function. This can create abnormal movement and discomfort. Sports massage techniques can assist in releasing the spasms and preventing injury.


Massage also assists in reducing stress. If an animal is stressed for a prolonged period it can make it more susceptible to injury as the immune system is depleted and healing takes longer. Stress also causes higher muscle tone and an incorrect posture, which over time can lead to incorrect muscle development.



Massage is highly effective to


         Increase range of motion so the animal is more efficient in how it moves leading to less wear & tear on joints/ligaments.

         Improve stamina as the animal is moving more efficiently

         Improve disposition

         Provide comfort to muscular injuries speeds up the recovery

         Enhance performance and gait quality

         Improve the circulation

         Desensitizes horse gets used to being touched

         As a preventative measure subtle tissue changes are noticed at earlier stages so intervention and care can begin before an injury occurs. This can lead to a longer working life. Training issues and over or underdevelopment of one side can be addressed early.

         For horses on box rest to retain muscular range of motion and flexibility and circulation

         Improve recovery time from an event