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McTimoney Manipulation & Massage for Animals

What is the McTimoney technique?
John McTimoney developed the technique in the 1950’s for humans for neck and back pain then adapted for animals – for more than 50 years McTimoney Animal Practitioners have been helping horses, dogs, cats and farm animals. This holistic technique takes into account the whole body, its management and its job. By liaising with vets, trainers, farriers, saddlers and dentists the cause of the problem is addressed not just the symptoms. No anaesthetic or drugs are needed in order to treat and generally animals accept the treatment well as it is not invasive or intrusive.

The basis of McTimoney manipulation is to align and balance the musculoskeletal system to regain health, soundness and performance. Muscular discomfort is relieved and correct nerve function restored. Sports Massage addresses any residual muscle spasms to increase the flexibility, range of motion and as a preventative measure as subtle tissue changes are noticed at an earlier stage.

The Biology Bit – How McTimoney Works
The skeleton provides the levers of the musculoskeletal system, and the muscles the fabric. The spine consists of a chain of interrelated vertebrae through which the spinal cord runs and nerves exit between each one. Each vertebra also has tendon and ligament attachments. Every vertebral joint has a range of motion that it functions correctly within.

A misalignment describes a vertebral joint that has become ‘stuck’ or restricted within its range of movement. This results in the build up of muscle spasms and potential impingement of the nerves. The joint cannot function correctly, which in turn affects the function of other joints as compensations build up.

Skeletal misalignments are treated using rapid & specific adjustments done by hand to restore alignment and correct joint function without forcing or stressing the joint or the body. The adjustments release muscular spasms and enable even the deep muscle groups to be addressed. The speed and accuracy of the adjustments are the key to effectiveness. No force is involved.

Always consult your Veterinary Surgeon before manipulation or massage treatment, it is illegal for anyone to treat your animal without your vet’s approval

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