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Harriet Soper

McTimoney Manipulation & Massage for Animals

Animals can suffer back, neck and muscular injuries and problems just as humans do.  These problems can cause stiffness, pain, loss of performance or even behavioural changes.
Many animals are required to perform in sports for their owners, which places different physical demands on the musculoskeletal system to that of the animal in the wild. In order to perform to the best of their physical ability and for the greatest ease of movement all the animal’s joints need to be functioning correctly with no associated muscle spasms or restrictions.

Physical Problems
For animals with ongoing physical problems (such as arthritis in dogs) if the body is aligned correctly, less stress is placed on problematic areas. The animal may compensate for their problem by moving differently which can cause soreness to build up in other areas so relieving this can help keep them more comfortable.

The basis of the McTimoney technique is that correct skeletal alignment allows correct nerve and muscle function to allow the greatest ease of free movement. Used in a combination with sports massage to relieve any residual muscular tension and spasms Harriet offers a highly effective combination of techniques to address the whole musculoskeletal system.
Always consult your Veterinary Surgeon before manipulation or massage treatment, it is illegal for anyone to treat your animal without your vet’s approval

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